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In the circumstances the pope had no option but to consent to annul the king’s marriage, as Louis demanded, and permit him to marry his predecessor’s widow so as to strengthen his claim to the throne, despite the ludicrous and obscene grounds on which the case was based. The Holy League of 1495 no longer functioned, and by the Treaty of Granada of 1500, Louis XII and King Fernando II of Aragón, ruler of Sicily, agreed to divide the kingdom of Naples. In this Alexander VI was given no say, and the last independent king was dispossessed by the Franco–Spanish alliance in 1501. Then, after a falling out between them, the Spanish easily overran the whole kingdom in 1504, reuniting it with Sicily. Thereafter the kingdom was ruled from Spain through viceroys until 1714.

They can range from retrospectives of a great name in modernism, such as Andy Warhol or Gio Ponte, to examinations of the roots and themes of tribal art or even food design. The permanent exhibitions showcase Italian design, featuring the best Italian-designed products throughout the ages. Parco SempioneThe English-style landscape of Parco Sempione is a good place to rest your eyes after they’ve overdosed on stone and architecture, and to wander the curving pathways. Walkers, joggers, local office workers with their lunches, and parents with children in tow all enjoy the park.

While there he experienced the revival of Soviet power which the Poles and their Western allies thought had been crushed. Archbishop Ratti refused to abandon his post when the Russian forces besieged Warsaw in August 1920, and the experience convinced him of the danger posed by communism. The following year he was recalled to Italy to be made archbishop of Milan and a cardinal. He had only held his new rank for a few months when elected pope on the eighteenth ballot in February 1922.

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Inside, be sure to see the pulpit with late Romanesque carving, and the richly carved 4th-century Stilicone sarcophagus underneath it. The casing of the high altar is a masterpiece of Carolingian art made in 835 at either Milan or Rheims. It’s easy to miss the mosaic dome of the original 4th-century Sacello di San Vittore, accessed through the last chapel on the right.

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The Università degli Studi di Milano was only established in the 1920s. The artists represented include Boccioni, Canova, Picasso, Modigliani, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Manet. Galleria D’Arte Moderna, nicknamed “GAM,” is Milan’s modern art gallery. The 8th century Church of San Maurizio may be Milan’s most beautiful church. But his greatest invention was the canal miter lock, an invention still in use in many places today. In the 1930s, many of Milan’s canals were converted into roads.

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John proclaimed a crusade against Ladislas and backed Louis in the renewed war in the kingdom of Naples, only to see his candidate decisively defeated in 1412. Not least because he was committed by the undertakings made by his predecessor to hold a reforming council in Rome later the same year, he had to recognise Ladislas as the legitimate king, as the only way of gaining admission to the city. This council completed the condemnation of the writings of John Wyclif initiated by Alexander V but accomplished little else, and in 1413 John was ejected from Rome by Ladislas and forced to take refuge in Florence.

Milan’s canal system dates from the late 13th century, when canals were installed to carry marble to the Duomo for construction . The most important masterpiece inside is indisputably the Rondanini Pieta, housed in the renovated “Spanish castle.” Michelangelo never traveled to or worked in Milan. Fondazione Prada’s aim was to create a diversity of permanent exhibition spaces for presenting art. Among other things, there’s a “haunted house” in 24 karat gold leaf and a partially sunken cinema camouflaged by mirrors. In the tower, there are large scale pieces by Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst. Opened in 1953, this is a sprawling museum for history and science enthusiasts.

The emperor used this to justify appointing a commission of French bishops under Cardinal Fesch to replace papal authority, but it refused to deprive the pope of his right to institute bishops and was therefore dissolved by the infuriated emperor. After its members had been individually intimidated, it was reconvened and this time declared the pope had no power in temporal matters and could not use spiritual sanctions such as excommunication against lay rulers and their servants. In poor health and lacking his advisors, he consented to the proposed new system of institution by metropolitan in all regions except in the Papal States.

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In Milan the Patarenes and others refused to accept the new archbishop, and when Guy died in 1071, they elected one of their own with papal approval. Just before Alexander II’s death in April 1073 a Roman synod excommunicated five of Henry IV’s advisors for their part in the dispute. Council as a heretical betrayal of the true doctrine of the unity, or technically the hypostatic union, of Christ’s natures. The latter are normally referred to by historians as Monophysites, but the term was not used at the time, and it could imply greater unity amongst the opponents of Chalcedonian theology than was the case. For Marcian and Pulcheria and their successors in the East, the elevation of the status of Constantinople was a good thing, and an appropriate compliment to their imperial capital. Neither they nor the successive patriarchs of the city could sympathise with the Roman view or show much interest in accommodating it.

As I already mentioned, Italian women like romantic guys a lot but it’s quite easy for them to figure out if you’re being genuine or not. Typically Italian women aren’t so hard to win over if you know what you’re doing and once you do make an Italian woman fall in love with you, you don’t have to worry about her leaving you. She’ll always think of an activity you two can do or where you should go to dinner and it can be tiring at times trying to catch up with them. Milan is the second biggest city in Italy with about 1.4 million people living there and it surely has a lot of offer, not just as a tourist attraction but also because of its elite nightclubs.