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Roller Derby — two teams compete while skating in the same direction around a track. Robot Sports — sporting competitions involve robot machines battling other robots, often replicating the rules and equipment of sports . Ringball — a court game from South Africa very similar to netball. Rally Racing — auto racing that mainly happens either on unpaved roads in races against the clock. Powerchair Football — indoor football for people in wheelchairs. Popinjay — a shooting sport with either bows or rifles, in which the bird-like target is suspended from a pole.

  • Cyclo-Cross — a type of bicycle racing, a winter sport performed over various terrain.
  • Vx — a ball sport from the UK, originally known as Rock-It-Ball.
  • Check out the 800+ sports in the Encyclopedia of Every Sport.
  • It is played on a pickleball court, and with pickleball paddles.
  • Some people like horseback riding, but I prefer golf as a hobby.
  • In addition, T Sports added a high definition channel called T Sports HD which was launched on 9 January 2021.
  • BT Sport HD- BT Sport HD service requires HD ready TV & cabling; Sky customers need a black Sky box.

Basketball — players attempt to shoot the ball through the hoop on the opponent’s court, moving the ball by throwing and dribbling. Artistic Pool — a trick shot competition on a pocket billiards table in which players score points for performing 56 preset shots of varying difficulty. Air Hockey — played on an air-hockey table, participants try to hit a puck elevated on a cushion of air into the opponent’s goal. 7-a-side football — Association football for players with cerebral palsy. Triathle — a shortened version of the Modern Pentathlon, athletes compete in shooting, swimming and running events as a part of a single race. Tetradecathlon — a double heptathlon consisting of 14 events, including the 7 traditional heptathlon events with 7 additional track and field events.

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It mixes a insanity dvds amazon group of disciplines, usually athletics, that are performed consecutively. Examples of this type are the triathlon, tetrathlon, pentathlon, and so on. Cycling, or cycle sports, includes all competitive physical activities that use bicycles. They can be carried out as a race or a performance that shows tricks through using bikes. Air sports include a vast domain of aerial activities done as sporting events.

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It is played on a court similar to a tennis court, but without a net. The players wear thick gloves with a striking surface. The action of the players resembles lacrosse in many ways.

Australian Football — a fast-paced football code from Australia, played between two teams of eighteen players on a large oval field. Six points are scored by kicking the ball between two tall goalposts, or one point for passing the ball on either side of these. Alternative names are Australian Football, Aussie Rules, AFL, Australian Rules Football. The triathlon is the last major sport on this list, it is a sport that involved endurance while going through different sports.