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Just one last quick tip about DK yarn before we are done. Here are the substitutions I recommend that involve DK weight yarn. Double knitting is a knitting technique that uses two strands of different colored yarn to create a fabric that is a different color on each side. A standard American DK weight yarn is equivalent to an AU/NZ 8 ply. Image from Knit PicksThis yarn is an amazing blend of alpaca and cotton.

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Each mini skein has around 28 yards and the fiber content varies depending upon type. They have a 100% acrylic version and a 100% cotton version and a blend. The yarn label will provide a recommended needle and hook size, so your best bet will be to go with the recommended size in the pattern or on the label.

  • Worsted or medium yarn is not quite the same with sports or DK yarn as it’s bulkier than those and thinner or lighter than bulky or super-bulky ones.
  • Sport weight yarn and DK weight yarn are often viewed as interchangeable, but they do have a slight difference.
  • Sometimes people ask – ‘Is worsted weight the same as 8 ply yarn?
  • Please note these are guidelines only – many yarns may be knitted/crocheted at a tighter or looser gauge depending on the project you’d like to create.

iowa rodeo cowboys association Wonderland Yarns’ Mad Hatter 5-Skein Mini Packs come in amazing hand dyed colorways or 86 yards hanks of 100% superwash merino yarn. DK Merino Superwash by Plymouth Yarns is a soft 100% superwash merino wool which is washable and dryable. However, UK and US stitchers, don’t be worried if your DK yarn doesn’t have 8 plies of fibers spun together. Yarn manufacturers have experimented with different sizes and numbers of strands being spun together to get the same effect. As long as the finished weight of the yarn is the correct size, the actual number of plies doesn’t matter. Sometimes a pattern will call for “light worsted” yarn, which is another common name for DK weight yarn.

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Made from the finest blends of merino, wool, baby alpaca, cashmere, silk, cotton, camel, and more, you knit or crochet with the yarns that work for you. You will find the color, weight, and blends you need for that special project, from clothing to accessories and warm cuddly blankets. Lace weight yarn is particularly troublesome to categorize. It isn’t the yarn weight that is difficult to identify , but rather the gauge. To count stitches per inch just doesn’t work when it comes to patterns containing many deliberately placed airy, holey designs.

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Durability with an amazing array of colors and fibers makes Silk Garden Sock one of a kind. Don’t limit yourself just thinking of this as a self striping sock yarn. Cozy Soft Prints by Ella Rae is the up and coming 220 of workhorse yarns in a stunning color palette of eye catching prints! Cozy Soft Prints is the perfect choice for projects that require serviceability. Adele is a fun yarn, easily described as playful and feminine. Adele is a textured dk weight yarn comprised of soft linen, cotton, and rayon.

To measure yarn weight using the WPI method, wrap the yarn around a small object like a pencil or Tunisian crochet hook for a few inches. You can also find WPI measuring tools to use in place of the pencil and ruler too. The wrapped yarn should be side by side and not overlapping. Next, use a ruler to measure how many wraps are per inch to determine yarn weight using the WPI chart below. Aran Weight A British designation that means a worsted or heavy worsted weight yarn. So I just got a bunch of yarn from a woman who was cleaning out her stash and I am trying to consolidate colors/types into balls (there’s a lot of odds and ends).

Double knitting yarn is a 3 Light yarn weight along with light worsted yarns. Cascade Ultra Pima Fine is a lovely 100% Pima Cotton luxurious and soft sport weight yarn ideal for garment and accessories. Sueño is a dk weight blend of superwash merino wool and bamboo with long-lasting durability and a soft springy hand.

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We carry many sport and DK weight yarns in fibers you know and love, and new ones you want to try. This baby sweater is knit in one piece using cotton but can be substituted with any double knitting yarn. In this post, we will look at DK weight yarn or double knitting yarn. Vintage Baby is a sport to dk weight three-ply yarn with a slight sheen and soft feel. Berroco Vintage Baby is perfect for baby and children’s projects. Tsubame by Noro Yarns is a classic dk/ lt. worsted weight silk/wool blend.