Art Pro Mpa Ii Two Channel Mic Preamp For Sale Online

My advise is to get one and swap the tubes. It will do the job it was created to do. To qualify this review, know that I am a 35 yr plus audio prophet has worked in all types of music and sound. Don’t buy into the snobbery that you have to pay thousands for a decent pre… This is two pres with pushbutton stereo linking to boot…

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  • The Pro MPA2 can be set up for dual‑mono, conventional stereo or M/S (Mid/Side) operation.
  • One of the most important aspects of the Digital MPA-II – and what separates it from its brother, the Pro MPA-II – is its built-in A/D converter, with S/PDIF, ADAT, and AES/EBU outputs.
  • This used ART Digital MPA comes with a power cable.
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  • Of course first step you must make is to change tubes in preamp.

TL Audio’s mic preamps also perform consistently well, but they tend to be more expensive. Using a passive ribbon mic, the output level got significantly louder at the higher end of the impedance dial, along with a subtle brightening of tonality. The variable input impedance will be of particular benefit for anyone working with such microphones. Mic preamps simultaneously for recording sessions. I have tested and the signal from the M3 ,for instance, arrives at protools 32ms after the signal from the focusrite preamps on the control24.

Every channel has its own phantom power button, +20 gain button which you often use in studio applications especially on vocals, accoustic guitars or other dynamicaly wide sound sources. The PRO MPA is one of the finest microphone preamplifiers available. Developed in partnership with studio and live sound engineers, the PRO MPA possesses ‘the sound’. A member of the A R T Reference Series, the PRO MPA was designed and constructed with the absolute best components, assuring a lifetime of quiet, reliable performance. The PRO MPA is a multi-purpose tool for audio engineering and recording. A R T’s PRO MPA circuitry is a hybrid design utilizing the latest and most advanced solid state and tube technology.

Perfect Tube Preamp For Pro’s And Starters

Work just okay on electric Guitars and Bass’s, for acoustic Guitars to really sucks. Using it for cab mic preamp again it just okay, no real control over the signal. I’ve been using the Pro MPA II for about a month now.

Live Sound

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Anyway this might be beyond scope on this article. Send your external preamp to a LINE input on your Fast Track. The benefit is it gives you 8 more inputs into the Saffire. The Saffire has 8 mic pres, and the OctoPre adds another 8, all via one little ADAT cable.

I like it , sounds good to my ears , it compress the dynamic of the mic or the instrument a little bit due to tube ,so you will never see jumping peaks…. So it’s good upgrade if you use cheap sound cards or mixers. It’s really good for recording if it is working properly. It will sound better than a lot of cheap interfaces people are comparing it to.

Art Pro Mpa Ii = Worth Buying?

The Pro MPA2 can be set up for dual‑mono, conventional stereo or M/S (Mid/Side) operation. In this last role, channel one is used for the ‘Mid’ mic and channel two for the ‘Sides’. Further tonal variety is offered by the ability to run the 12AX7 valves at low or high anode voltages.


And when pushed, it rounded the transients kind of like the effect of a tape machine. The Impedance knob has a range that will work with most condenser and dynamic microphones. It’s really tough to describe what it does to the sound, but sometimes I feel it like it gives you a more focused mid-range on one end, and on the other a more rounded, balanced response.