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Do you have a pile or three of shoes, clothes, or outerwear piled on that chair in the corner? Even if it just means you transport said clutter into a style-savvy container. Lighting is key for any space to feel fresh, and great lighting will also add style to the small space. Even if it’s the smallest of updates, such as a new rug in front of the kitchen sink, home renovations that are undertaken in the kitchen will maximize your home’s value. You can approach this one item at a time – first swapping out the sink rug, then replacing the old microwave, then painting the cabinetry, etc., until your kitchen is like a whole new place.

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  • The most impressive thing is that he is very knowledgeable and very responsive.
  • By using the home renovation cost estimator spreadsheet, you can easily fine-tune your budget to put your money toward what means the most in your home.
  • With the pandemic underfoot, people have spent more time at home than ever, increasing interest in home renovations and remodeling.
  • There’s nothing wrong with using simple and neutral colors in your home décor.

In the bathroom, you can do this by installing a large mirrorto visually double the size of the bathroom and reflect more light. You can also use a monochromatic or neutral color palette, which blurs the hard lines of individual bathroom components and make the space feel airier. Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is a hot ticket item in terms of home renovation to increase the value of your home. While an entire bathroom overhaul is occasionally needed to really bring your bathroom up to speed in terms of value-adding, it doesn’t have to be the only plan.

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Ultimate re-sided our house, replaced our brick-work in the front of the house with stone, and a back door. Do the siding, and he did an excellent job notwithstanding having to contend with us also having some landscape work done at the same time. The company was very accommodating about helping us work around this. I would use this company for any future renovation; they are honest, don’t try and up-sell you, will give you a straight answer on what you need to do , and what things will look like . Over the last decade, Ultimate has been our renovator of choice for a new roof, new siding , new doors, new triple glazed windows , new flooring, new interior paint, and new baseboards. We have always appreciated Marc’s input and his honest, get-to-the-point attitude.

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On average, Americans spend $15,000 on a single home renovation project1. Following the effects of COVID-19, homeowners spent 48% less on their renovation costs than prior to the pandemic2, likely due to financial strain. People reported being more cautious with their renovation spend by turning to do-it-yourself projects and more budget-friendly finishes to keep overall renovation costs down.

Depending on the scope of the project, we may focus on different aspects at different times. Our crews also work simultaneously to ensure the fastest turnaround. Typically speaking, demolition needs to occur before we begin moving walls and working on the HVAC, free furniture fife electrical and plumbing systems. Ultimate Renovations began as an exterior window cladding company more than 40 years ago, and we still lead the industry in exterior renovations of all sorts. Exterior renovations improve curb appeal, while interior renovations add to the functionality and enjoyment you feel.

The average cost of renovating a 100-year-old home is $100,000 to $250,000 or between $100 and $200 per square foot. Prices depend on it’s historical value and the electrical, plumbing and HVAC updates needed to meet code requirements. Heritage landmark buildings cost up to $400 per square foot to remodel. Homeowners typically spend between $20 to $200 per square foot on a full house remodel, depending on the type of property. However, the largest factors are the scope of the renovation, location, and quality of materials used.

If you notice, on the right is a window that Hemlata worked around. Thus, it accommodates the upper cabinets around this structure. In fact, in most cases, the family uses the window to air out smoke. The left side of this U-shaped kitchen renovation is the wet zone.

What sets us apart from everyone else, is that we HIRE NO subcontractors. You can rest assure that your project will be handled from our own employees from beginning to end. We’re greeted by Ray Chan, and he went through with us the entire process including the design concepts and the different price packages. We liked his professionalism and his ability to articulate the complexity of home design in a clear manner, so we hired him.

To ensure the space does not get dark and dingy, Hemlata installed warm under cabinet lights that serve to light up the kitchen aptly. Kalinga grey quartz countertop with a laminate finishThis U-shaped kitchen makeover has quite a few stunning details to talk about. Finished in dark grey laminate, this matte finish kitchen has a rich vibe to it. Matte laminates are ideal for Indian homes as they are scratch resistant and easy to maintain.

Some of the most popular interior design styles are contemporary, minimalist, industrial, mid-century modern, traditional, french country, bohemian, transitional, rustic, and coastal. Our in-house architectural and interior designers have an intimate understanding of each style and can discuss your options for bringing your favourite look to life. As you invest in a complete home reno, consider the impact and ROI of new energy-efficient windows and doors, as well as new floors, trim and baseboards and knockdown ceilings. You might recognize the need to replace your windows and doors if you start feeling a draft, notice condensation on the window panes, or see an increase in your energy bill. It’s not simple to find the perfect renovation contractor for your house, but we hope you were able to choose one from our list of Singapore’s finest renovation contractors.