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Sent monthly, every box includes four succulents that measure 2-1/2 inches each. This gift is great for any gardener looking to expand their collection of diverse plants. Past varieties include crassula, sedum, echeveria and much more.

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  • The actual candies included in each box may vary depending on their availability from suppliers.
  • Your first box will ship out as soon as possible, with all other plants shipping mid-month.
  • You can also choose a month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plan.
  • Give 2 to 12 shipments and receive up to 3 bonus gifts and an additional $30 bonus with your order.
  • Discover gourmet gifts from artisanal producers around the world that you would not have had the opportunity to try otherwise.
  • There is a strong focus on unusual products – you won’t find any grocery store brands here.

Find out more about how to choose the best food of the month club for seniors & the elderly, as well as some of my suggestions of the best food subscription options to consider for older adults. There is just a single subscription option, which costs €35 per month. You can pre-pay for 3, 6 or 12 months, although the discount for doing so is very small. The boxes always contain 8 different items for you to enjoy.

Amazing Food Subscriptions You’ll Wish Someone Would Get You

Kiersti started her video off by highlighting some non-food products that she found at a discount. After confirming your purchase, you will receive a $10 Sam’s Club gift nova scotia restaurants card, effectively brining the total down to $4.99. One of the ways she does this is by helping her viewers get a Sam’s Club membership, which normally costs $45 for the year, for just $4.99. Tiktok user TorokCouponHunter, real first name Kiersti, recently posted a video about her food finds at Sam’s Club, as well as how to get a $5 membership deal.

Lady Sweet Cakes Doughnut Of The Month Club

Eat your way across America with Mouth’s Indie States subscription. Each box focuses on a different region, and treats you to an assortment of local goodies. This is a great gift option for the person who goes on road trips solely for the snacks. “Give the gift of learning” is the motto behind Kiwi Co.’s maker crates. This kid-approved club offers up fun, educational, hands-on products for kids of all ages and interests.

We Know California Wine

A typical shipment contains four jars of pickles along with a tote and a copy of Edible magazine. This month members got pickled ginger carrots, spicy pickles, and sliced pickles in a brine made from Dogfish ale. « We don’t have to go to some sunken ship to get these bourbons, » says owner Mack McConnell. Every bottle comes with information about its distilling process and tasting notes — to the discerning nose, for example, Hudson’s Four Grain apparently contains hints of banana. VineBox is another alcohol subscription that values taste testing. Its wines are shipped to you in single-serve vials; there are nine samples in each shipment …


Whether you’re a Yankee or a lifelong Southerner, it’s easy to be enchanted by this incredible year-long immersion into the delights of the Southern regional pantry. Recipients will get their very own boiled peanuts kit and sweet treats like Cheerwine cherry soda and Moon Pies, too. It’s a grand gift that might just inspire your next Southern road trip. Jam clubs may never be as exciting as, say, a pool , but we found a spin on this classic that comes pretty close. Big Spoon Roasters offers a PB&J of the month subscription, which includes a jar of featured jam perfectly paired with a nut butter.

The snack purveyor even has each month’s featured flavor listed out on their website to help make the decision easier! Though you can choose to start with whatever flavor you like, our vote goes to July’s Mesquite BBQ or December’s Holiday Cookie Dough. If going out for brunch is something you do consistently with the same person, go ahead and surprise them with this breakfast club subscription from Wolferman’s Bakery.